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The following is a sample of both past and current work performed by Warewolf Labs.


A Primer on Information Security Issues in an Academic Environment
(Acrobat PDF format - download Acrobat here)


WLAN Strong Key Generator - a JavaScript program written to enable Wireless LAN (WLAN) administrators to quickly create strong keys for implementing Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) as a first line of defense in strengthening the security of their wireless networks. Keys can be selectively generated for use with 64-, 128-, 152-, and 256-bit WEP key lengths, as well as keys based on user-defined pass phrases.

It has been freely released to the public as part of an effort to increase awareness of WLAN security issues, and to increase the baseline security of current and future installations.

In addition to the online version, a downloadable version in ZIP format is available here.

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South Coast Haircare Centre


Banner Ads
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the following two banners ran on Alta Vista's career site:

the following two banners ran on Vault